About the New Normal Workplace

Today’s workplace is undergoing a transformation driven by technology advances, a changing workforce, and a desire for flexible workspaces. It’s impacted when, where, and how work gets done.

It’s changed:

  • Who has a voice–everyone, not just leaders
  • Where conversations happen–anywhere, online and offline
  • How information is accessed–pulled as needed, not just pushed
  • Where content is stored–open access, not in silos
  • When learning happens–anytime, not just the classroom
  • How change is adopted–it’s about people, not technology

Welcome to the new normal.

Although the world of work is changing, many work practices have not. Making sense of the constant series of workplace disruptions, readjustments, implementations and transformations will continue to be a challenge for organizations playing by the old rules.

In the new normal, not only have the rules changed, but it’s a whole new ballgame. Employees are bringing their own IT solutions to work. Employees are bringing their consumer-grade expectations with them to work. And the control of information is shifting away from the enterprise, toward the masses.

Here at TNNW, we’ll examine the challenges and impacts of these changes on how we communicate, learn, and lead at work.




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