Same Story, Different Sport



The 2014 FIFA World Cup takes place June 12-July 13 in Brazil. As a lead up to the main event, ESPN’s SportsCenter recently had a segment about the major FIFA storylines.

My knowledge of soccer is pretty much limited to what I can remember from the required PE class back in high school and what I learned during my one year stint as a soccer mom to a 6 and 8 year old. And sadly, Victoria Beckham’s husband is the only name I recognize at any level of the sport.

As I listened in to what started out sounding like a long litany of unfamiliar names and teams, I began to notice that the storylines were quite similar to what I was used to hearing in the segments about every other sport…A rising star needs to win a championship to be considered among the greats….An aging veteran has one last chance to prove himself and retire on a high….The hometown team is under pressure to make a good showing for their fans…These are shared experiences that cross all sports boundaries and appeals to all audiences. Same stories, only the sport is different.

I started to think about how this could be applied to communicating about change and change projects. While one size would not fit all, there are enough similarities across most projects to identify common storylines. To get ideas for your common storylines, start with these four stories you need to lead change explained in this Forbes post:

  1. The story of the future
  2. Springboard stories of the future
  3. The story of the past
  4. The story that explains why the story of the past is no longer viable

Got your own ideas for a shared storyline? Share it with us in the comments below.


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