Lessons In Diversity & Inclusion From Dr. Maya Angelou


Dr. Maya Angelou was truly a phenomenal woman person. As an undergraduate studying at Wake Forest University in the early 90’s, I had the privilege of being a student in her “Charismatic Leadership” class. It was an amazing experience. During that class, I learned a lot about leadership. But the greatest lessons I learned from Dr. Angelou are the very things that sit at the core of what it means to be diverse AND inclusive.

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Driving Lessons


My 14 year old broke the news to me yesterday. This time next year, she’ll have her driver’s learning permit. Then, she casually mentioned that most of her peers were already “practicing” with their parents. (Hint, hint).

Although she’ll be taking a driver’s education class later this year and have some hands-on learning with a certified driver’s education teacher, she’ll still need lots of practice before I’m she’s ready for the open road.

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Collaboration – A Learnable Skill


I’ve built an entire career on positioning technology is an enabler, rather than a disruption to how work gets done. But SOMETIMES, technology disruptions are necessary. In some instances, you may find that’s it required or even just plain easier to upset the whole apple cart, start afresh, and give users something they’ve never experienced before.

Henry Ford

When truly disruptive technologies emerge, such as the automobile or the PC, there will always be early adopters—those pioneers who jump out front, and figure out things on their own. On the other end of the spectrum will be the non-converts—those who are content with making do with what they already have.

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You Get What You Value

At the heart of every collaborative culture are the go-givers. Those folks who share for the sake of sharing and give with no expectations of quid pro quo. Top 10 ways to value go-givers:

  1. Treat them like rock stars. Give them reality shows, endorsement deals, and huge contracts. (50 Big Ideas to Change L&D)
  2. Put it in writing. (7 Quick Tips for Writing Great Recognition
  3. Provide expectations on who to share information with and guidelines on what, how, when, where, and why to share. (Rewarded for Good Behavior) added 6/8/14

4-10. Have other ideas? Share them with us in the comments section.

Same Story, Different Sport

Source: FIFA.com

Source: FIFA.com

The 2014 FIFA World Cup takes place June 12-July 13 in Brazil. As a lead up to the main event, ESPN’s SportsCenter recently had a segment about the major FIFA storylines.

My knowledge of soccer is pretty much limited to what I can remember from the required PE class back in high school and what I learned during my one year stint as a soccer mom to a 6 and 8 year old. And sadly, Victoria Beckham’s husband is the only name I recognize at any level of the sport.

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A Mother’s Day Treat: #MomTexts

With new communication tools comes new communication skills, vocabulary, etiquette, and the occasional faux-pas. Some of us may need more practice or instruction than others to get it right.

Watch this hilarious video about moms who haven’t quite mastered using a “new” tool to communicate with their kids. #MomTexts

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Way of the Payphone

Embed from Getty Images

Do you remember the last time you used or saw a payphone, if ever?

There was a time when payphones in public places were as common as wi-fi hotspots are today. But they too have gone the way of rotary phones, long-distance, and telephone operators. Another casualty of Mobile Madness—our obsession with mobile devices and the apps that run on them. Payphones still exist, but remain largely ignored.

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